Quality certifications

Tights and stockings that are non-harmful and non-toxic

Calzificio Alfa has been manufacturing hosiery since 1967.

Medium-fine production, domestic and export trade of stockings, tights, leggings, knee-highs, girls' and women's basic hosiery. Above all: style produced as quickly possible with efficiency, professionalism and quality.

The company, thanks to the work done over the years and the attention paid to materials usedis a certified company that works only with controlled and safe companies for dyeing of the products and in the choice of yarns.

To receive more information, please contact Calzificio Alfa.

The companies we choose to work with are in fact certified in not using harmful substances. If you want to inspect the certificates, click on the following links:

Calzificio Alfa, Cremona, Italy

Via Del Macello 3, Cremona, Italy
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